Travel Diaries - Living in a hostel in Hollywood.

Interview with Corina about traveling, life as an artist, favorite things about LA and meeting Liv Hansen, actress and founder of in a Hollywood Hostel.

1. A favorite travel story?

Meeting Liv... At the Orbit Hostel in Los Angeles. It was my first time in a hostel, and I thought there were way to many people in one room and I wanted to go home immediately. I entered the room and Liv was awake. She said hi, I responded, and then she said shhhh, everyone is asleep:)

The most memorable story I have of her is ... Driving around in a rented car in LA by night, visiting the Jamba Juice, and occasionally hitting a pole or a curb as she had just gotten her driver's license.

los angeles travel diaries
2. A film you love?

My favorite movie is...Lost in Translation. I so much loved the movie that I visited the Park Hyatt Hotel in Tokyo and took around 300 pictures.

3. A book you recommend?

My favorite book is... The Nature of Personal Reality by Jane Roberts. I think everyone should read this book. She was a spirit medium who channeled information from a higher source(Seth/ Collective). The book tells you about the spirit world, the meaning of life, and that there is way more than we can see / feel with our 7 senses.


los angeles travel diary


4. As a child you wanted to be?

When I was a child, I dreamed of... being a private investigator like  Magnum PI, and occasionally fly in a helicopter.

5. If you could have a meeting with someone who inspires you?

I would like to meet... Robert Plant, the former frontman of Led Zeppelin. I love their music, still, watch all the youtube videos with concerts from 40 years ago:) I would ask him where he gets his inspiration for his songs. He looks like a very spiritual person. I was lucky to see two concerts with his new band.

5. What do you love most about LA?

I love LA for, the light! It has a beautiful bright white light, which makes everything a little more beautiful.

If in LA, I love to see live bands performing. The level is amazing. Check the local papers. I saw great ones in the Hotel Cafe and the Troubadour. //LA has many art galleries, I love LACMA and the downtown area.// Spiritual events at Spirit House Collective. For food: Urth Caffé. From salads to their cookies, it's the best.// Vintage stores so many + The Rose bowl once a month.

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