Travel Diaries - I moved to Hollywood from Denmark at 18 with no contacts

Granted looking at the title above, I feel a twinge of anxiety.
Still, when you take those small steps that bring you out of your comfort zone, great things come out of it.
When I first moved to Los Angeles from Copenhagen as a teenager, I moved into a hostel in West Hollywood and took classes at The Lee Strasberg Film and Theatre Institute. I needed to do a couple of demos so I found a listing in the phone book and that's how I met my friend Craig at Winslow Ct Studios.Hostel life alone, where I was living because I had no contacts in LA, brought many amazing people around who I am very grateful to have in my life today.There's enough stories there for a book series :)What's something you've been putting off for a while due to fear of the unknown?

Originally published on  August 22nd 2020.




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