Travel Diaries - Day in the life of Corina from Amsterdam

Hi, I am Corina and I live in beautiful Amsterdam.
I am a photographer and painter. My neigborhood is one of the nicest one to live in, I think - so let me be your guide, and let's have a walk together in Westerpark.
Tree minutes from my house there is this big beautiful park. When you cross the old bridge, don't forget to make a quick stop at the Bakkers Winkel, Polonceaukade 1 on your left side. They have amazing cakes and fresh croissants and cappuccino. On the right - the Conscious Hotel - a perfect place for digital nomads. The lobby features a great view of the park pond.
On my days off I start with a run along the square pond. It is surrounded by trees and flowers. You could also do a meditation in the Japanese garden, next to the waterfall. In summer it's perfect for meditation, and you will hear the sounds of the birds and the waterfall in the background.

woman drinking coffee
If you like to walk, there are many terraces and cafés. The Westergasterras, Polonceaukade 23, is a nice and quiet place, and the Pacific Park has a wonderful terrace where the sun in shining till 10 in the evening. Get your snacks and drinks and watch the sunset.
If you prefer to organize a little picnic, walk to the Avondmarkt at 90 De Wittenkade. The owners make their own selection of cheese, wine, and chocolate. You can find so much delicious food in here.
Also stop by Cafe Restaurant Amsterdam on Watertorenplein 6. Amazing food, home made mayonnaise (a must for the Dutch who drown there fries in it) and chocolate cake. Oh, and let's not forget the Kroketten, a Dutch snack, and the Croque Madam. On a beautiful day, the garden makes you feel as if you are in France and the loft building itself, is a must for architecture lovers.

My quaint neighborhood is next to the Jordaan. Walk or bike to Berenstraat 1 for the Episode Vintage Shop. You will find your little treasure here.

Well, this is a lot of information already. I shouldn't forget Cafe the Gruyter on Van Limburg Stirumplein though. A terrace where every one is sitting outside on a sunny day.

I hope to see you soon!
X Corina

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