Top 10 Travel Accessories on Amazon

best travel accessories on amazon

Dreaming up your next trip, booking flights, train tickets, hotel stays and activities, always brings a feeling of excitement as you start to look forward to your adventure abroad. 
To help you stay on top of the practical side of your trip, we've created a curated list of the best highly rated minimalist style travel accessories found on Amazon right now, guaranteed to help inspire you as you get ready to fill up your suitcase, gather your travel documents and head out the door. 

1. Travelon: Anti-Theft Signature Nylon Slim Packpack 

Whether you travel for business or mainly vacation, this brilliant minimalist style backpack holds all your essentials and contains multiple compartments, RFID blocking card and passport slots and other useful features to help keep your belongings safe on your next trip.

2. Succor genuine leather passport & credit card holder

This stylish leather passport holder by Succor holds both your passport and your payment cards easily in one place. This useful passport holder also provides RFID blocking security to help protect your information from unauthorised scans.

3. CrazyCap 2.0 UV Water Purifier & Self Cleaning Stainless Steel Insulating Water Bottle

This handy self-cleaning water bottle provides you with clean water wherever you go. It contains UV rays in the cap that automatically activate every four hours, keeping mould and other nasties from breeding inside the water bottle. Such a useful item to help us stay hydrated when traveling!

4. Epicka Universal Travel Adapter

A must-have for any traveler would be the universal travel adapter and we found this one from Epicka which covers all your needs. This fast charging adapter covers over 150 countries and can help you easily keep all your devices charged and ready to use.

5. Kindle Paperwhite

Whether you find yourself at the airport waiting to board, on a long-haul flight or at the hotel relaxing; this useful little device keeps all our favorite books in one place and accessibly at the press of a button. Waterproof and with Wi-Fi connectivity, it's such a useful accessory for those of us who love to read and learn whilst on the go. 

6. A notebook

If you also love keeping track of goals and write down notes, things to remember and thoughts of inspiration that comes to you whilst traveling, bring along a notebook such this simple lined notebook, inspired by traveling and the concept of intentional living. ps: I designed this myself for Comes in various colors :)

7. A travel pillow


This versatile travel pillow with memory can help support not only the neck but also other areas of your body like the back and spine and help make your perhaps much needed naps during traveling more comfortable.

8. Space Max premium reusable vacuum storage bags

These handy reusable vacuum storage bags can help keep you organized when traveling and help you maximise the space in your suitcase. This version comes with a useful travel pump. 

9. A sand free beach blanket

This quick-dry sand and water resistant beach blanket by POPCHOSE can help keep you comfortable during trips to the beach and any other outdoor occasions such as family picnics and outdoor gatherings. The lightweight material makes for easy storage. 

10. Quick-dry water socks

Pack a pair of water socks such as these quick-dry aqua socks from WateLves to help keep you comfortable during indoor and outdoor activities, trips to the pool or the beach and fits easily into any backpack or suitcase. 

I only select and suggest items I would personally use or currently do own a variation off. As a minimalist I like to keep things pretty basic in terms of accessories, but I hope you find some inspiration here for your next trip.

Where are you traveling to next? I'd love to hear where you're off to next. Share your destination in the comments below :)

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