Simple tips to help get rid of dry skin

Most people experience dry skin over the years. Dry patchy skin on the face, legs, scalp, and elbows comes around, especially with the changing seasons and cool winter weather.
When summer rolls around, our skin once again needs to adjust and as we pack our bags, dust off the sundress and matching hat, and head to the beach, we then soon further expose our skin to saltwater or a pool day, and once again need to look at how we are caring for our skin to make sure it's in good shape.
As a Scandinavian woman with sensitive skin leaning toward the drier side, I'm always interested in ways I can improve and maintain a healthy skin texture, face, and body.
Luckily my interest in skincare and overall wellness goes hand in hand with my job. I'm always paying attention to skin, hair, nails, and everything else and love a little bit of pampering, at home or at the spa.
A lot of the products we share here at Eighteen Valley, are ones that I use myself or previously purchased to test out and thus I've gathered up a good amount of skincare tips to share with you all here as we go along. I like to keep it simple here, so here's a little list with a few of my favorite skincare tips and products I'm currently enjoying. I hope you'll find a couple of tips that work well for your skin.

1. Be consistent
It's most important to be consistent with your skincare and I'd recommend taking a bit of time to look at what you can realistically fit into your lifestyle in terms of effectiveness and time spent scrubbing, exfoliating and moisturizing. Personally, I like to spend a lot more time on skincare than I do on applying makeup, for instance. Unless I'm working on a project, I rarely wear makeup at all, but prefer to invest some time into treating the face and body.

2. Find a few staples and rotate accordingly
I'm currently loving trying out new serums like the TruSkin Vitamin C Serum for Face with Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E and Witch Hazel and the Pixi Beauty Skintreats Glow Tonic Serum. I do get sent some occasionally but the ones you'll find on this site, I've discovered through Amazon, so they're quite easy to get a hold of. Take a look and perhaps you'll find one that works for your skin type.
My face leans toward dry skin and I'm loving the Water Drench Hyaluronic Glow Serum by Peter Thomas Roth, which I discovered recently. Their formula containing hyaluronic acid feels good on my skin. I like using a vitamin c serum in the morning as well - more on that in an upcoming post. Just as a note - Vitamin C serums will lose their potency after about three months, so it's worth considering from where and what you invest in on that front.
When it comes to moisturizing the body, I like to use body oils year-round. I like to rotate one or two different oils and stick to those until I use them all up (keeping it minimalist). Lake & Skye 11 11 Body Oil and Organic Sweet Almond Oil by Mary Tylor Naturals are a couple that works well for me at the moment.
I use body scrubs once in a while but mainly focus on exfoliating the face, a couple of times a week. A nice moisturizer for the legs or a little bit of body oil applied consistently will keep dry skin to a minimum, even in winter, in my experience.
I use body scrubs once in a while but mainly focus on exfoliating the face, a couple of times a week. A nice moisturizer for the legs or a little bit of body oil applied consistently will keep dry skin to a minimum, even in winter, in my experience.

3. Drink water
Do you drink enough water? I mention this often because it makes a phenomenal difference all around. It's also cost-effective. I mainly just drink tap water and just filter it before drinking. You'll also want to make sure to eat a healthy diet with a sufficient amount of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, proteins, and so on, to suit your specific needs. I'm not into supplements, although I do take a multivitamin.

how to treat dry skin

4. Develop a routine
When cleaning the face, take the time to apply and work the product into the skin properly. Allow the ingredients time to do their magic.
The same goes for serums, moisturizers, and anything else you decide to add to your morning and evening routines. I also use a micro-current device quite often and I find it works well for helping to keep the skin in good condition.
In the winter months, I use face oil consistently and during the second half of the year, I tend to focus more on serums, paying attention to any changes in my skin as the season's change.

5. Don't forget sunscreen
Lastly, I recommend wearing sunscreen all year long, especially if you start to incorporate products like vitamin c or other acids or retinoids into your skincare regimen. I wouldn't consider using any of these products without committing to using sunscreen on a daily basis, so that's a point to consider when choosing your serums. The sunscreens I use are either face moisturizers containing SPF or sunscreens made specifically for the face as "standard" sunscreens tend to make my face too greasy and sticky.

I hope you find some helpful tips here. I'm always curious to learn new skincare tips and discover new products, so if you wish to share some of yours, I'd love to hear them. Share yours in the comments below!

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