My miracle morning routine - Corina from Amsterdam

Here's another little story from Amsterdam. 

Read how Corina, an artist from Amsterdam, starts her mornings.

Hi, I'm Corina from Amsterdam. Liv asked me about my morning routine - a Miracle Morning as she calls it.

minimalist aesthetic

As an artist I am always looking for inspiration. When I wake up around 8am, I make sure I have a book ready on iBooks on my laptop. Currently reading Jane Robert's "Seth".
I never check the news because I really want to focus on art, spirituality and travel. And I love Pinterest.
Drinking a large glass of ice cold water with lemon or with a little bit of home made lemonade ( which I buy at the Evening supermarket ) always makes a nice start to the day.
I am a Marie Kondo follower and  always gain inspiration from looking up minimalist photos. Recently I did a second round of decluttering and I am addicted. My apartment is white and designed in a minimalist aesthetic. And of course It looks a little bit like an art gallery - with my own paintings hanging on the wall.

Well, after finding inspiration in books and online - I light a candle, grab my yoga mat and a cozy blanket and listen to the Gayatri song by Deva Premal and Mitten.
Followed by a yoga session.  I'm loving love Brett Larkin at the moment.
If not doing yoga, I also love running and in the beautiful park behind my house. Some fresh cold air really wakes me up.

As I am a painter, I start with my sketchbook, designing mini collages . Then I prepare some large canvasses, with black or white paint. My art is very abstract with a minimalist aesthetic, and I only use these two colours.

Before I know It is time for lunch. Crackers and avocado and humus on the side.  Maybe a piece of chocolate for desert.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my morning routine. What's yours?

- Corina

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