What is the minimalist aesthetic? A basic guide to get you started

With the minimalist aesthetic, our approach to design revolves around focusing on clean lines, functional furniture, and working with a few basic colors.
Read on for a few simple tips on how you can easily create a minimalist style home. 

1. Stick to your minimalist color palette
Neutral calming colors such as white or beige are most often associated with minimalism, but it’s certainly not set in stone. Whichever basic colors you prefer, simply pick the ones that you enjoy and commit to sticking to those colors when designing the interior spaces in your minimalist home.

2. Clutter-free and functional spaces
Assess your living space and decide which items in it serve a purpose. Cut down on or eliminate items that merely take up space and make sure to select minimal furniture with functionality in mind. Only add relevant decor leaving very quality few items out on display keeping in line with the minimalist aesthetic. Accessories will gain even more importance with less visual clutter around them.

3. Functional storage
When building and styling a minimalist home, whether it’s your living room, bedroom, kitchen or any other space  — stay organized and utilize storage that is both easy to maintain and can keep clutter out of sight. Clean walls and empty corners help to make your minimalist home feel light and airy. It can be difficult to cut down on the number of items in your home, but it’s worth the effort. Focus on what’s essential and build around that.

minimalist aesthetic

4. Brightening up the home
Painting your living spaces a light color such as white or cream can really make a big difference to the overall aesthetic and feeling in your home. Think also about how you can best let in light, whether that means forgoing curtains altogether or perhaps just adding thinner ones or using blinds. Brighter colors make the room appear bigger visually.

5. Maintain your space
Make a habit out of cleaning up the bathroom, living room and other areas on the daily. Stay on top of things by doing a little every day instead of a lot every now and again. The best way to stay on top of things is by tidying as you go and it’ll become a habit quite quickly.

6. Mixing minimalism with a little “hygge”
Although it’s largely about clean organized spaces and calming colors — it’s also nice to add in a little hygge. A few well-placed candles, a couple of soft blankets and throws, as well as a small selection of books placed on the shelf for inspiration. A book about your favorite artist, a book inspired by traveling, or books on the topic of simple living or anything else that brings you joy.

minimalist aesthetic

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