How Can Scripting Help You Accomplish Your Goals?

A few people have asked me about how to use the process of scripting as a tool to get clarity and help create a specific goal.

I personally find visualization to be a phenomenally effective thing to do when working toward a particular target. I alternate between closing my eyes and actually visualizing myself as the person already capable of what it is I want to achieve - essentially become - and using scripting. For instance, when I decided to run a half marathon, I would visualize myself running outside, at a great pace, enjoying the run. I would picture the Vancouver seawall and myself running along the path around Stanley Park (I used to live in Vancouver and could perhaps then more clearly see the path, the water, the trees, and picture the other runners around me as we carried on. I would do this daily and it absolutely helped me in achieving this goal (have crossed both Vancouver and London half marathon of the list).

Scripting can you help gain clarity and it's such a fun manifestation technique.

Scripting simply means taking a notebook and writing down in great detail what you wish to achieve - as though you have already become it. 
I use scripting in business to get clear on what I want my businesses to look like. I envision the notebooks selling online, our customers, how much revenue I want to bring in, what my office looks like, what my day looks like, even what coffee I'm drinking - to the feeling I get as I look at what's going on around me - simply just writing out the details of all the aspects you feel like writing down in that particular moment - written as though you are already living those circumstances.

Our beautiful notebooks are also very much inspired by this practice. I designed a line of manifestation themed notebook covers. My personal preference for the minimalist feel in design naturally influenced the look of these notebooks & journals and I love using them myself on a daily basis. It's such a fabulous feeling waking up early, putting on some nice music, grabbing a cup of warm tea and a cute notebook, and focus on scripting first thing. It really helps set the tone for the day and I encourage you to try it out starting today!

Explore our range of manifestation themed notebooks and give scripting a go. Should you prefer blank notebooks where it's easier to incorporate drawing and doodling, or the larger A4 notebooks, we also offer those.

Happy scripting!

Originally published on December 18th 2020

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