How to exfoliate your face?

How do I exfoliate my face? As we've recently added a few new favorites to our selection of exfoliators, I thought it would be fun to share a simple few tips on how to exfoliate the face correctly. At least, this is what I get up to, based on the advice I've received from various dermatologists and aestheticians over the years and I'd always urge seeking out a bit of advice from a specialist; especially if your skin is on the sensitive side for any reason. 

If you've recently decided to add exfoliation to your beauty routing at home, I recommend starting out slowly. Test out your exfoliator on a small section of your skin, before going all-in. My skin isn't the too sensitive, so I exfoliate twice weekly, as part of my already pretty thorough skincare routine. 

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I start by getting my hair out of my face by putting it up in a bun. Then I clean my skin using a face wash before moving onto the exfoliator. I apply the exfoliator using circular motions and make sure not to rub the exfoliant into my skin (also - take care not to exfoliate any already irritated skin, breakouts etc.) and finish by washing it off with warm water. I love how bright and glowy the skin looks after I finish up exfoliating.

I always finish with a good serum and moisturizer

Do you exfoliate? Which is your favorite exfoliator for the face?

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