How much water should I drink?

I'm in London at the moment where it's finally summer (although London often reminds me of Vancouver and can seem indecisive in the weather department)

I often get questions on instagram about my skincare routine and what my favorite products are, and actually - it begins with water. 

I drink roughly around 100 ounces (about 3 liters for my European friends) of water a day, adjusting accordingly if I'm doing a long run or a longer workout session in the gym. This might be too much for you, you'll know how you feel. 
There is no fixed amount of water you should drink during the day really, as it depends on the season, how much we train, body weight, lifestyle, etc., and also on what we're consuming during the day.
I do, however, always carry a water bottle with me and refill as I go. 

Are you not drinking enough water?

I didn't always pay attention to water intake as consistently as I do know but the changes I notice from sticking to adequate water intake make it easy for me to commit to. I feel more clear-minded and the skin looks a lot better.
We always do ourselves a favor when we listen to what our body tells us.

a glass of water with ice

5 simple tips to help you increase your water intake.

1. I'd recommend to always start your day with a glass of water. Since many people roll out of bed and as if on autopilot, head to the kitchen and reach for the coffee cup - it might perhaps take a little bit of adjusting of habits. It's worth it. Also grab your water bottle and fill it up right away.

3. Refill your water bottle as soon as you empty it. Make it a habit.

2. For a bit of flavor I like adding slices of cucumber to my water. Sometimes a small amount of lemon juice, not too much though or too often because of the acidity, which can cause tooth erosion.  

5. If you find that drinking this amount of water seems too much for you, then simply include foods in your diet that contain a high water content. Greens, smoothies, a bit of fruit, soup, etc. Whatever you enjoy can make it easier for you. Since we're now also heading into summer, a lot of these things are on the menu and more appealing anyway. 

6. Set smaller goals. I try to space out my water intake so that I drink most of it during the day and taper towards the evening. I drink about a third before lunch, then go from there and drink most of it throughout the afternoon. We're all different of course, so experiment and figure out what works best for you. 

I hope these tips are helpful to you. Wishing you a great summer 🏖️


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