5 Daily Habits That Can Actually Change Your Life

Success comes in many forms and how people perceive success does of course also vary and perhaps fluctuate and change. Here though, I've gathered up a few habits to consider working on acquiring or developing if you wish to align with and maximise your potential be it professionally or in your personal life. 

Setting a goal and following through. 
This seems obvious perhaps, given the title above, but if you consider the process of goal setting and how starting something new can quickly become a challenge, it's an important point to ponder. Goals come in all sizes of course, but nevertheless, it's important to be honest with ourselves and follow through. Knowing we can trust ourselves matters greatly.
We can practice by setting smaller goal such as keeping a gratitude journals for two months and we might find that even committing to something of this size, proves challenging. Perhaps, we even rapidly drift away from our goal, almost without realizing it. That's the challenge when we've established habits and thought patters that manifest in certain personality traits and influence our daily experience, but I find that being honest with myself and splitting a bigger goal into smaller tasks can be highly effective. Spending time putting down on paper exactly why you're wanting to work towards a particular goal, also makes sense. I personally love using visualization as a way of feeling connected to what I'm working on achieving. 

Consider who you are spending your time with.
Who you spend your time with matters more than most things when it comes to generating success. If you're working towards becoming a better actor for example - you surround yourself with other actors, directors, industry people and teachers.. You will need to spend time in rehearsals, dedicate several hours a week to marketing yourself and attend various networking events all over town. 
Auditing who you spend your time with matters because there are only so many hours in the day and you really do become like the people you spend your time with so you will give yourself an advantage by spending the majority of your time with positive kind people who are also working toward achieving goals of various shapes and sizes, individuals who are supportive of your efforts and the ones you can learn from. 

Prioritise health and wellbeing.
You do of course need to put consistent effort into eating good food, exercising and looking after your mental health. As entrepreneurs we're always working on the next thing, building and expanding in other aspects and we certainly should do ourselves a favor and stay in tune with how we're feeling physically and emotionally. This applies to everyone of course and from my own life, I notice sometimes that I'm traveling frequently, working on and developing projects and somehow mysteriously  begin to neglect running, prayer, reading time or meditation when these are activities that would actually make everything else easier to manage and appreciate. 

I remember being a kid and studying the dictionary. I would watch English television shows and write down words phonetically and then attempt to locate the correct ones in the dictionary. This sounds so strange when I think about it, because here I am today, blogging and working as an actor in an English speaking country where most people assume I'm born and raised in the United States. Over the year's , I've read many books on business, personal development, acting and of course plenty of books and papers for pure entertainment, and I highly advocate doing so, in order to always be learning and inspired by all the inspiration around us so readily available. 

minimalist notebook

Keep a journal
I love using a notebook to keep track of goals, daily tasks and as a place to put my thoughts down on paper when there's a lot going on inside and it helps me to monitor my mindset and attitude on a myriad of subjects. While there are no doubt scientific reasoning behind journaling, I just know firsthand that it helps to create order within the mind when perhaps a lot of aspects are chaotic and demanding. Through journaling, we stay connected to our inner most self by revealing our concerns, thoughts, dreams and feelings. I find writing down my thoughts help me to relax and organize my thoughts. Bonus tip - I always keep a stack of post-its nearby and will jot down a few things in the evening before bed - tasks I must get done first things in the morning. It's such a simple method which makes me so much more efficient the following day.

I hope you get some inspiration from these tips. What are some other ways that help you grow, expand and stay connected to your goals?

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