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Do you love cooking? Say hello to our blank recipe books. 

Even if the thought of spending more than half an hour in the kitchen sounds like a snooze button to you, chances are you've got a dear friend or familiar member who loves spending time honing their culinary skills; baking, canning, pot-roasting, and so forth. I personally love baking but rarely take the time and do have high hopes for fitting in some cooking lessons (youtube style probably) sometime this summer. Side note - why are cooking videos so calming?

When I came across a blank recipe book last year, I thought it would be fun to design some myself and that it would be a useful addition to our established collection of minimalist notebooks and journals.
Since I love notebooks and diaries with a minimalist aesthetic and style (so much so that I founded, the notebooks turned out looking quite minimalistic as well. I tried to think of designs that I would enjoy giving away as gifts myself. There are some classic recipe book covers and you'll also find a few with vegetable and fruit designs on the front.

blankr recipe book

You'll see that each blank recipe book contains space for 100 recipes. I created a table of contents at the front of each blank recipe book so that you can note down the recipes and matching page numbers. In the back of the paperback book, you'll find a few extra pages for notes, which I find very useful. At the top of each blank recipe page, there are little symbols, where you can note down serving size, prep time, cook time, and the source of the recipe. It's always good to keep track of where the recipe originated from.

It's just an easy way to store all your favorite family recipes and I hope that you find one you will enjoy as well. They're great as birthday gifts, for Christmas, graduates, students and anyone with a love of cooking. Pick one up today over on Amazon or browse our award-winning selection.

Have you purchased one of our blank recipe books already? 
If so, I'd love it if you would leave a review on Amazon. It's wonderful to get your feedback on the books, and it's also helpful for other folks who might be thinking of picking one up. 

Much love and happy cooking, 

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