Travel Diaries - 72 Hours in a bus across Canada

I remember sitting in a Starbucks near Waterloo Bridge in London as an email came through with notification of my Canadian visa approval.

Gathering my things, I began to ponder the next steps and decided I would leave the following week. 
Having traveled from Copenhagen to London a few weeks prior and toying with the idea of staying in London on a more permanent basis; I also knew that I really wanted to head back to the West Coast and explore Canada.
Cut to the following week as I threw myself into a cab and headed towards Heathrow Airport. 

A safe landing and a few chats with fellow dreamers and nice immigration officials later - I found myself wandering around Toronto heading in the direction of the Eaton Centre in search of an electronics store. I managed to get set up with a phone number and headed to a hostel on Church Street. 

I enjoyed a few weeks in Toronto where I got acquainted with the city and connected with other travelers. We would take walks around town, drink coffee at Second Cup and catch a few gigs, sights, and events here and there. I also caught up with a few friends I knew from my hostel days in Los Angeles.
Preparing to leave Toronto, I decided I would travel by bus to Vancouver, where I planned on settling. Being an actress, I thought this would be the best place to move to, due to all the productions being shot there.

As Monday rolled around, I boarded the Greyhound bus and headed out of town. The trip would take 72 hours with various stops along the way (mainly gas stations and fast-food restaurants of course).
I remember chatting to a younger guy, about my age. He hailed from a small town in Ontario. He told me about his life, his family, and the challenging set of circumstances leading to his decision to board a bus and move out to Calgary to stay with a relative in hopes of landing a job. 

Mountains in Canada

The two of us also made friends with another traveler; a wonderful lady who - following her recent divorce - decided to uproot and relocate to Calgary to pursue a new job opportunity. She also very passionately told us all about our astrological signs, her daughter becoming a medical professional, and her hopes for finding love again. 
As the bus traveled across the country, we spotted farm towns, icy mountains, people stranded on the side of the road, and got well acquainted with various versions of Canadian gas station coffee varieties. We moved across the prairies and headed toward British Columbia where, on the way, I said goodbye to my new friends from Ontario and got chatting with a guy from Alberta on his way to Whistler via Vancouver. He gave me a few good tips on what to do and see in Vancouver over the next few months.

We soon rolled into Vancouver and I collected my bags from underneath the Greyhound bus, called my friends to pick me up, and readied myself for a 15-hour nap and spectacular adventures in Canada.

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Coffee in cup sitting in a window

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