8 Travel Accessories A Digital Nomad Needs To Travel With

8 Travel Accessories Every Digital Entrepreneur Needs To Travel With

These are just a few tips gathered during my many years of traveling and living in places like Canada, The U.S., U.K, and Europe. As a serial entrepreneur who travels a lot, often long-distance, I know what a phenomenal difference these small adjustments can make and I hope that even just a few of these tips can help you to on your next adventure, whether it's a short weekend trip or a faraway destination.

Universal Travel Adapter:
One of the most important essentials would be the universal travel adapter. The first few years of my travels, no one I came across used one, but one day, a Canadian friend of mine gifted me one and it's so so useful to be able to charge all electronics with simply one device. The new options out there are much slimmer and weigh less than the chunkier older cousins.

A durable travel backpack: 
Also at the top of the list is the trusty travel backpack. For the minimalist, select the ones that are lightweight, yet still offers enough space that your essential belongings can fit comfortably in them. It's also worth keeping in mind that it needs to fit in the cabin compartment above your seat when traveling. For shorter trips, it's great to be able to walk right off the plane and save time otherwise spent waiting for luggage to arrive.

Unlocked phone:
If you travel worldwide for work as I do - then an unlocked phone really helps. I carry both an Android and an iPhone device in order to use different apps and because the Android allows for multiple sim cards which I need for different businesses - however, regardless of whether you're sticking to one, the unlocked phone means I can buy a local SIM card and avoid roaming charges in the areas, the network doesn't cover.

Water Purifier Bottle:
Another great travel accessory would be the water filter bottle. We all need access to clean water wherever we are and these awesome bottles fit neatly into any backpack or handbag and help you make sure to stay properly hydrated when traveling.

Portable USB charger:
We all need a charged phone when traveling. I prefer a portable USB charger that tops up my phone and various travel accessories such as my Kindle quickly and easily. I would recommend investing in a charger with at least two USB outlets - it will come in handy at one point.

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader:
This very useful device simply provides a great way to relax on the go and stay entertained on long-haul flights or train journeys. I carry my Kindle everywhere when I'm traveling and love receiving suggestions for new books to read from people I meet on planes, at the airport, or anywhere else when I'm on the road.

Soft Neck Support Travel Pillow:
A travel pillow can really make a phenomenal difference to your comfort level when traveling. There is a whole range of excellent ones which can help you get the rest you need wherever you are. Lately, I've been loving this one, which offers a good amount of neck support. Travel pillows are a great travel accessory - super lightweight and easy to fit into your carry-on or travel backpack.

A Notebook:
Lastly, I highly recommend making space for your favorite notebook. I love making notes and I write down my thoughts, ideas, and goals daily. Regardless of whether I'm on a shoot, traveling, or at the office, I always make sure to keep a notebook nearby.

I'd love to hear about any items I missed that you love and would like to share with other travelers and digital entrepreneurs.

If you want to stay in touch and join my community over on Instagram where I share A LOT of stories, tips, and hacks for the serial entrepreneur, the business traveler, fellow filmmakers, and digital nomads - follow @liv_hansen. For more of my favorites, visit my homeware and travel accessory brand at www.eighteenvalley.com and shop notebooks at minimalistnotebook.com

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