7 Simple Travel Tips To Know

As traveling starts returning to normal (sooner than soon hopefully) here are a few tried-and-true travel tips to help you prepare for your upcoming trip.

1. Make a list of what to bring
About a week before traveling, start thinking about what you need to bring for your upcoming trip and make a list. Begin by noting down all the basics and then add whatever extras you may need (minimalist or not). Throughout the week, write down anything else you forgot about or decided to bring along.

2.Travel Insurance
Not hot, but incurring a medical emergency when traveling, can quickly become rather expensive. Depending on where you're traveling to and your visa status within that country, purchasing travel insurance for your upcoming travels, would likely be a good idea. If traveling to the U.S. for example, medical care could get very expensive, should you need it whilst visiting. Regardless of where you're heading though, make sure to check what you may and may not require well in advance, and plan accordingly.

3.Inform your bank
Before you travel, consider informing your bank of your upcoming travel plans. Although we now have great apps and can communicate with banks much easier than even a short few years ago, it's a good idea to take a minute and check and whether your specific bank recommends contacting them ahead of you traveling abroad.

4.Details of accommodation
Grab your phone and note down contact details for the hotel or hostel etc. you are staying at. Making a note of room number, if staying at a bigger hotel, can be helpful, should you forget (hey, it happens!).

5.Store essentials in your hand luggage
Gather the small number of essentials you may be bringing (minimalist or not) such as passports, medicine, toothbrush, any electronics, and a few basic pieces of clothing and store them in your hand luggage, just in the unlikely event that your luggage experiences a longer delay or gets lost in transit.

minimalist travel tips

6.Stay hydrated when traveling
The high altitudes we experience when flying can be quite dehydrating on the body, so along bring a water bottle and make sure you stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water and perhaps even increase your water intake a little bit in preparation for any long-distance flight, simply to give your body a chance to get used to the extra amount of liquid and sparing yourself countless trips to the toilet on board.
Staying hydrated when traveling will not only do wonders for your skin but can also help ease any jetlag you may experience as a result of your journey.

7.Make friends with locals
When traveling to new places around the world, make an effort to ask the locals for advice on fun things to do in the area you're staying in. You'll likely find that people love to help and would be happy to suggest wonderful places to eat, dishes to try, fun activities you can't miss, places to visit, or answer any practical questions you may be wondering about. Bonus tip: Being able to say just even a few words in the local language, can be a great of connecting with people you meet as you travel abroad. It's always a fun way to show that you care about their culture and the person you're speaking to.

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