5 wellness tips for a living a healthy and happy life

Whether you're office based or a homemaker, construction worker, an actor, a nurse (hi, mom!) or whatever your profession; working long hours everyday puts pressure on the mind and body. it's especially important to pay attention to how we're feeling internally and make small adjustments to our daily habits in order to enhance and maintain our well-being, both physically and mentally (self-care Sunday is everyday don't forget). Here are some of my favorite habits for improving overall wellness.

1.Spend Time Outside
Make it a habit to spend some time outdoors every day. I live in the middle of a busy metropolis and travel often (eh, well no not so much recently), but I make it a point to spend a little time taking a walk or going to a nearby green space and sitting down for a little while, enjoying the surroundings, people watching or simply enjoying a few moments of solitude. Sometimes I take calls, but at least I get moving a little and allow the mind a break from whatever I'm focused on, whether that be running a business or rehearsals and I find it helps to give put a bit of distance between what I'm working on that day and help to put things in perspective.

2. Breathe
Learn to take notice of your breath (yes, really). On a particular busy day, I sometimes catch myself sort of holding my breath, which only adds to the levels of pressure within the body. I make it a point sit down, eyes closed and focus on breathing in deeply for a few moments, inhaling through the nose, holding it in for a couple of seconds and exhaling through the mouth. 
I'm no scientist so I don't know the exact scientific reasonings and wordings behind this glorious activity, but I think it helps me when the schedule calls for non-stop meetings and movement.

3. Self-massage
Dedicate a few minutes to some simple self-massage. Massaging your temples and jaw, moving the shoulders around and doing a bit of gentle stretching, helps get the flow going and soothe any bit of tension built up from doing computer work and other types of receptive tasks. I find it helps me to refocus. 

danish british actress liv hansen

I find that devoting time to read during the course of my days really adds value. If I'm in production meetings, taking calls or dealing with various other business related administrative work, I try my best to take a little bit of time to read. It gives my mind a break and feeds me inspiration and I always carry my Kindle Papewhite with me whether I'm working or traveling.

5.Create Your Day
Being aware of our state of mind and directing the mind towards good feeling thoughts, makes a phenomenal difference. When serious challenges are paired with the demand to show up, present and perform, I find deliberately looking for ways to feel good becomes imperative. It seems obvious perhaps, but it's so important. 
I like the start the day visualizing my day or whatever I'm working towards as being realized, so that my mind gets a head start on what that picture looks like. 
I've read a few (ok a lot) of wonderfully inspiring books on the topic such as Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza. It's a practice, which really makes an enormous positive impact on my daily experience. 

I hope you found some useful tips here. What are some of your favorite ways to practice self-care?


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