5 Tips on how to Hygge

As a person born in Denmark, I am very familiar with the concept of hygge. It's less something extraordinary but rather a word and atmosphere naturally incorporated into the Danish lifestyle. Whether at a dinner party, a birthday party or enjoying an "ordinary" Wednesday, we love creating a cozy atmosphere, often simply by cooking a nice dinner and lighting a candle or two. 

Here, I've rounded up a few simple tips on how you too can incorporate hygge into your daily life. 

1. Candles
Create a soft and atmospheric lighting. Danish people love lighting candles at dinner, at birthday parties, throughout December, Christmas and other celebrations. We also quite often add candles to the dinner table or on a rainy afternoon. I personally love lighting candles in the morning or when I'm working. It just changes the atmosphere a little bit.

2. Get cozy and connect
Inviting your friends or family over for a meal or a coffee (don't forget candles for the table) inspires wonderful moments of hygge. You might meet up with a friend in town, take a walk and settle in at a nice café for a coffee or a meal or perhaps visit a museum in town to explore the latest exhibition. Rain or shine, us Danes appreciate and value an afternoon or evening in good company. 

3. Dress comfortably
When I first moved to the United States, I remember people commenting on how I would always wear dark and plain colors. I do think a lot of Danes wear quite basic colors, earthy tones and adhere to the minimalist aesthetic, but this observation aside: how you dress can be another way to incorporate more hygge. Picking out your favorite cozy sweater when the weather is cooler, layering up, adding a scarf and choosing quality over quantity defines aspects of hygge. Don't forget the invest in cozy pair of socks - natural materials preferred. 

flowers in a vase on a table

4. A warm drink and a good book
This sounds so simple and well, it is! Simply set a little time aside (if it's a rainy day even better), put on your comfortable slippers, mosey to the kitchen and prepare a delicious cup of tea or hot chocolate. Don't forget the cookies:)
Settle in with a book and enjoy a hyggelig/cozy afternoon.

5. Spend time in nature
I remember many moments growing up in Copenhagen, where we would meet up with family and friends outside for a day spent in the local forest (not far from the city centre) and enjoying lunch somewhere, seated on a bench surrounded by tall green trees and the sound of birds chirping. 
Over the summer holidays, we would go on bike rides around the country and go for a swim in the ocean. We would stop by a convenience store, buy an ice cream and when the sun started to go down, make our way home or to a friends house for dinner. 

I hope these tips give you a few ideas on how you too can experience more moments of hygge in your daily life.


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