5 tips For Creating A Minimalist Aesthetic At Home

If you love the minimalist aesthetic - read on for a few simple tips on how you can transform your space into a beautiful, cozy minimalist style home.
1. Edit your space
Start by assessing your space and cut down on clutter. Decide on which items need to stay and get rid of/gift/sell everything else. I recommend taking a glance at "The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying" by Marie Kondo. It's a great book for more in-depth tips on decluttering your home.
2. Select a neutral color palette
When picking your color scheme, consider focusing on a neutral or monochrome palette. White, cream, light-gray, and beige work great. Focusing on these shades - all of which are easy on the eye - you can easily add accents and accessories such as candles, plants, pillows and throws, and wall-art to match this basic palette. I love black and dark gray candles and simple dark green house plants. Less is more.

3. Stick to minimalist furnishings
Pick out accessories and timeless furniture with clean lines that match your color palette. You want to focus on items with a minimalist aesthetic that enhance your space. Stick to furniture in muted colors and simply add curtains, blankets and sheets and other accessories to match. 

4. Texture
Playing with different textures such as rustic blankets, picture frames, a beautiful mirror, and small personal items in line with the aesthetic, can add a beautiful dimension to a minimalist style home. 

5. Create a cozy feeling
Keeping in line with your color palette, you can also add a few simple pieces to warm up your space. A cozy blanket, a beautiful potted plant, and a fluffy rug or two can make the space more homely. Adding a few candles can really bring a lot of atmosphere to your minimalist space.

I hope these tips inspire you to experiment and have fun with creating your own personalized minimalist living space. 

minimalist aesthetic tips

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