5 Minimalist Lifestyle Tips To Help You Increase Productivity

These simple minimalist lifestyle tips will help you be more productive and organized and will hopefully provide you with inspiration to keep your schedule running more efficiently, whether you're a business person, a stay-at-home parent or simply leaning into a more minimalist approach to your daily tasks.

1. Go Paperless
Whilst you might find this takes a bit of extra work initially, especially when it comes to organizing the paperwork you currently may be hanging onto - it's worth it. Scan and store important documents electronically. Go through your paperwork, ask for them to be sent through email from now on and use apps and folders to store them electronically. You will probably find that most companies these days offer a paperless option and online billing, so try to stick to this option wherever possible and the amount of clutter will increase greatly, just by doing this one thing.

2. Unsubscribe from email lists
Take the minimalist approach and unsubscribe from email lists you no longer need. Chances are, you currently subscribe to a bunch of lists you don't event remember signing up to and now fin actually do nothing but clog up the inbox with unnecessary emails. Take 20 minutes to go through your inbox and unsubscribe from what no longer serves you.

top tips to increase productivity

3. Do things immediately
When we put things off, it often gets pushed to the side and forgotten about for longer periods of time. If you know that a small task will take only short amount of time to complete, deal with it immediately. it's often those small things that pile quickly, so if you can, you will be much better off by making a habit of getting those small tasks done straight away. 

4. Set-up automatic payments
Rather than making manual payments every time a bill comes around, schedule everything and set up automatic payments where possible. Get a simple app to track your spending, connect your automated payments and you will save a bunch of time needing to log in or call up various companies every month, simply by investing a little time initially to set it up.

5. Stop Bargain-hunting
Yes, we all love a good deal, but make it a habit to stop bargain-hunting. Shopping for sales is one of the quickest way for stuff to pile up around the house, so make an effort to stop yourself from those tempting impulse purchases. Instead, write down what groceries, clothes etc. you actually do need before you head out the door. You will find that it quickly becomes a habit and you save a ton of money and time by only purchasing what you need.

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