5 effective tips to increasing clarity and productivity

Whether you're a digital nomad traveling the world working remotely, a minimalist, a business owner, a stay-at-home parent or just simply someone looking for inspiration on how to simplify your daily life, these effective productivity hacks can help you get more out of your workday.

1. Delete Unused Apps
When it comes our devices, this simple tip can make them run more efficiently and save us valuable time, otherwise spent scrolling through unnecessary apps and software. It can be so easy for apps and programs we never use to clutter up our digital devices, increasing visual clutter, even making it harder for us to locate the app we actually need, so take a few minutes out of your day and delete any apps you no longer require.

3. Organize Your Digital Devices
Our digital devices can quickly get filled up with unused software, truckloads of files, folders, downloads and whatever else that we somehow never get around to dealing with and this can make for a really inefficient work-setup, simply by us needing to sift through hundreds of files to find the one we want. So, instead of it getting to that point, just set a little bit of time aside and go through your device, putting files into the correct folders and deleting what you don't need to hang on to.

3. Break larger tasks into smaller ones
Sometimes when we face larger projects at work or at home, it can be really easy to put off get started simply because the scale of what needs to be done can seem overwhelming. We perhaps procrastinate and distract ourselves, and spend a lot of time getting nowhere.
To make things easier for ourselves, it can be so helpful to break down these bigger projects and tasks into smaller ones, and approach them step by step, taking notes and evaluating your to-do list as you go so that your mind feels in control and more relaxed about the process. 

tips to increasing clarity and productivity

4. Keep a notebook nearby
I love keeping a diary or a notebook nearby. For those of us who often find ourselves working on multiple projects with various activities requiring detailed attention throughout our day, keeping a notebook nearby can be really beneficial for staying no top of work projects, new idea and can help us stay ready for when inspiration hits. A notebook just comes in handy as a simple tool to help you stay focused, organized and connected to your ideas.

5.Take Breaks
As we go work our way through a busy schedule it can be really easy to feel like we just need to keep moving all day. We might see the long list of calls, emails and customers we need to deal with and think we are doing ourselves a favor by working non-stop. On the contrary, by taking a few minutes between tasks where it makes sense to get up, drink some water step outside for a minute, we can give the mind and body a quick recharge and it can help us to feel more energized and ready to tackle the next thing on our to-do list.

I hope the small tips will help you be more productive and help free up some time that can be better spent with the people you love or doing something that brings you joy. 

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